◕ ◡ ◕ (chasethestars) wrote in lol_bees,
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lolbees bee on slate

Article (well, slideshow) on Slate about lolcats (or "laugh-out-loud cats" as they said, wtf?): clicky here.

lol_bees (and lolbrarians) is mentioned on slide 5.

It's from May, but I didn't see it till just now, and I don't see a post about here it so thought I'd share. (If it makes a difference, I first heard of this community via ryanestradas many, many bee macros)
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it's sites like these that are fucking up caturday. caturday is over now, these 'big website' tards have taken it and acted like they totally found it themselves.

caturday is done. scaturday 4life.
WEEEEEE! Thanks for the catch! I'da missed that!
^__^ that's so funny

here's article from houston someone sent me
how lame!
Dead fucking brilliant.

And to think that this started as a joke I did for tiny_monster